Why the Surface keyboard has me excited

While the liveblogging was going on for Microsoft’s Surface introduction, I was cautiously optimistic about what the devices would really accomplish. The most notable feature is, without a doubt, that keyboard cover. It’s important to people who actually touch type or to anyone who wants to type at any real speed. I keep hearing about people writing thousands of words on iOS devices and I just can’t help but think that that’s going to lead to some really bad RSI. I love Patrick Rhone’s minimalmac but he’s gonna hurt himself writing so much on his iPhone. Continue reading


Resurfacing history

Once upon a time, a company introduced a new product. It was a closely guarded secret and when it was revealed, it took the technology press and public by surprise. It was the result of years of research and development. When this product was announced, the parent company showed it off but gave away little details. The screen resolution and battery life were not announced at the event and neither were any of the exact specs. Details were glossed over even in hands-on sessions. Reporters were given limited time with company goons looking over their shoulder. No one was sent home with review units.

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